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A Vision of the

Common Good 

I want our City to catch a vision of the Common Good. The Common Good is more than just streetlights and bridges, important as those are. It’s everything needed for our community to prosper. It’s the myriad ways we are connected. It’s knowing that what affects one affects us all. It’s working to make each person succeed so the entire City makes progress.

My campaign is committed to keeping our people as the first priority. I want to foster an equitable and inclusive City and to expand opportunity to every citizen.

Our Opportunities

I am convinced that our City’s best days lie ahead. Let’s work together to make Charlottesville an even better place for all.


Charlottesville has a vibrant history of progress in its civic life. The challenges of recent years show that much work remains to be done. Nevertheless, the flipside of any challenge is an opportunity.​


Equity & Justice

The protests throughout the nation in the Summer of 2020, as well as the events in Charlottesville in August 2017, show beyond any doubt that we have much, much further to go to achieve a future that is equitable and just. From improving policing to reducing income inequality, I pledge to use my voice and my vote to uproot systemic racism.


Civic Management

Improving the stability of, and consistent delivery of services by, our City government. If elected, I will proactively support our current City Manager and expect positive results. I also commit to a thoroughgoing search to identify and recruit an excellent City Manager, going forward.

Crowd with Masks


Navigating the fiscal crunch brought by COVID-19. The next Council will face difficult choices as to spending priorities. I will listen well to citizens, find compromises as possible, and make hard decisions when needed.



Improving Affordability. Regular people find it hard to live in Charlottesville. Work is now underway with Cville Plans Together (https://cvilleplanstogether.com/). This includes updating the Comprehensive Plan, the Affordable Housing Plan, and Zoning ordinances. I will work to finalize and then implement these plans, in a way that is thoughtful and fair.


Our Schools

I support the School Board’s school reconfiguration plan. Though funding this will be a challenge, I will make it a priority.


Economic Vitality

Entrepreneurs and business owners -- in particular those on the Downtown Mall -- not only contribute vital revenue to our City. They also generate dynamism and opportunity. I will be an advocate for the business community.

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Community Partnerships

Charlottesville is the hub in a wheel that includes Albemarle County and the University of Virginia. Solutions to Charlottesville’s problems require proactive and consistent engagement with these neighbors. I will prioritize this.


If elected, I commit to working collegially with my fellow Councilors, putting the Common Good above narrow interests. Now, more than ever, we must build consensus and cooperation.

Council Governance



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