Brian Pink on the I Love Cville Show

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Brian Pink joins Jerry Miller on the I Love CVille Show on February 4th to announce his plans to run for the Charlottesville City Council.

“I am running because I feel that I offer a set of skills and experience that would mean I would be of great value to the Council.”

Pink leans into his professional skills and background as key reasons why he would be honored to serve with the current councilors who are, " doing great work, but could benefit from [his] experience."

Experience is always a learning opportunity.

Reflecting on his narrow miss in 2019, he states that he was not originally planning on running, but with an overwhelming amount of encouragement from his supporters and his family, he felt that it was his duty to return to the campaign. Joining him is friend and neighbor Juandiago Wade who will side with Pink on the Democratic Party primary this June 8.

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