Supporters Rally to Think Pink this Election Season

Updated: Feb 5

February 3, 2021, Brian Pinkston, former 2019 candidate, announces his intentions to run for Charlottesville City Council

Dear Friends,

I am running for City Council in Charlottesville, again. I'll be running as a Democrat (of course!), with the primary election slated for June 8, 2021.

I will be putting out more info, soon, to include a spiffy website with a big ActBlue button on it. 🙂

Like last time I ran, I find the idea of the Common Good a compelling one. Seeking the common good really means loving our neighbors as ourselves within the context of a local community.

My favorite part of running two years ago was all of the lovely people I met in Charlottesville. I look forward to those (socially distanced) conversations again.

Why am I running? I believe I offer a set of practical skills, work and educational experience, and personal energy that would help create positive change here in our City, through service on Council.

Why now? The current members of Council are hard-working public servants who deserve our support and gratitude, as they've led through tumultuous times. It is my belief that during the *next* rotation of Councilors (those elected to serve starting in 2022), Council will need to be united, to help move the City beyond stabilization and toward its strong, progressive future. With other candidates who have declared, as well as the three Councilors who will remain on Council, I believe I can be a valuable member of that team. It would be the honor of a lifetime to serve with them.

There are of course many problems the City faces -- or, as my Dad used to say when it was time to mow the grass: *opportunities*.

A partial list of these opportunities are:

  • Supporting our City Manager as he seeks to stabilize and lead City government.

  • Managing through the fiscal crunch due to Covid.

  • Continuing the work to make it affordable for "regular people" to live in Charlottesville.

  • Supporting our schools, especially given the new realities of a post-Covid world.

  • Supporting the business community, as they navigate a radically changed economic landscape.

  • Strengthening partnerships with the University and the County.

  • Doing ALL of this through the lens of equity.

If you see other "opportunities" for the City which I've not mentioned, please let me know. If you are willing to help my campaign in any way, please let me know.

Thank you!

Brian Pinkston

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